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GShop Editor By Luka

PW Tools GShop Editor By Luka 2.3.1

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Gshop Editor Use for editing Item Mall (Gshop)

  • Support all gshop version from 1.3.x -> 1.5.5
  • Open, Save, Edit, Convert into all client version and server version.
  • Bulk import item from
  • Bulk edit, clone and delete items.
  • Download and iconlist_ivtrm.txt from surfaces.pck.
  • Select an icon from seperate window.
Change Log:

Version 1.1
  • Add ability to edit v27
  • Add ability to set Timestamp
Version 1.2
  • Added icon choosing ability from separate window(Image below)
  • Added english language on main window
  • Added supported version - 1.4.6 v80
  • Speeded up images loading from Surfaces.pck
Version 1.3
  • Fixed error when click "Add items from" in items list.
  • Increased range of maximul value of Id,price,amount and so one.
  • Fixes mistakes in IconChoose window.
  • Change text color on main form from black to white.
  • Change price shown format.Now it looks like Gold,silver.
  • Added support version -1.4.4 v60.
  • Added automatic refreshing list after loading
  • Translated all windows.
  • Added lists english translation in "Item choosing from" window
Version 1.4
  • Programme has fully translated to english.
  • Added ability to rename categories/subcategories in category_change window.
  • Improved some bugs in category_change window.
  • Now if is loaded,in the separate field will be shown items real name.
  • Added ability to set items read names from
  • Fixed bug with reading surfaces.pck version higher than 1.5.3 client.Also increased horizontally image count to 9.
  • Added supported version•1.4.2 v27
  • Added supported version:Now days russian official and china official.
  • Added ability to open/edit/save/convert(To another version,from another version,to server file) above said versions.
  • Other changes
Version 1.5
  • Improved clone button for version higher 1.5.2
  • Add supported versions:v12,v17,1.4.8 v80,v100
  • Activated button "Delete category",after clicking,selected subcategory will be deleted.And items which were in this subcategory move to first sub_category.
  • Added search in items choosing window from
  • Added filter/bug fixes window.It supports autoimproving prices,amount,control,don't match names with real(Image below)
  • Other changes
Version 1.6
  • Add ability to cancel "Back up files creation"
  • Improved bug with item explanation changing
  • add ability to load item_ext_desc from configs.pck.After loading,appears ability to set items descriptions from this file,of couse if items description exists in it
  • Added supported version:v66,v102,v99,v112
  • Added help info to filter and bug fix window
  • Added ability to search items which description doesn't match with Item_ext_desc.txt description.Also search error in Gift id and gift amount
  • Improved some bugs in filter and bug search window
  • Other changes related to english and interface
Version 1.7
  • Added ability to create file.Extra-create new file-select version
  • Added ability to check error on Status value.There was a bug when converting from 1.5.5 to lower versions
  • Added ability to check Gifts existence in
  • Added moving to selected item ability
  • Added supported version - v7,v104,v105,v106,v108
  • Added ability to change price in amount changing relation.
  • Fixed many bugs and also changed some elements in interface
Version 1.8
  • Redisagned main window interface
  • Added setting file.In it will be written last loaded programm setting,including last loaded,,surfaces.pck,configs.pck and so one
  • Added support verions - v62,v68,v69,v84
  • Fixed items up/down moving
  • Added ability to move Sub_categories in Categories editing form
  • Added ability to choose main windors color Clear/Dark
  • Fixed some wrong loading
Version 1.9
  • Added ability to search items with ID in window,and also fixed some bugs.
  • added ability to move categories with subcategories and items in it using Drag-And-Drop in categories edit window
  • Added ability to move subcategories to other categories with items in it by using Drag-And-Drop in categories edit window
  • Added displaying number of items in subcategory name
  • Change interface some defails
  • Added ability to improve items with not found ID in don't work and can't work ideal.It works like programm is searching for item name in,and sets its' ID
  • Added ability to select change/not change item name when changin ID
  • Refreshed informtion in errors searching window
  • Other small changes
Version 2.0
  • Added export/import ability from any version to any version
  • Added ability to selected change/not change item description when changed ID.
  • Fix bug when icons wasn't changing after id changed.
  • Added ability to delete all items and sub categories in category(Click RMB on categories buttons on main window)
  • Fixed all found bugs
Version 2.0Fixes
  • Fixed bug with saving after clicking button "Delete all items and subcategoris in category".
  • Deleted button-Change price relation to changing amount
  • Redesigned some interface elements.
  • Fixed bug when after cloning,Sale values changing would call source items values changing.
  • Fixed bug when after changing selected sale,price was displayed incorrectly
  • Now rows indexes starts from 1.
  • Other small bug fixes.
  • Added supported version:v6
  • Fixed bug when loading,now sorting icon won't take some second
  • Other changes
Version 2.1
  • Added loading files history
  • Add ability to load second file for interaction with main
  • Added editor auto-update ability.For updating,need to click on button which will appear when new update comes
  • Added ability to send error messages to developer
  • Updated erros searching.Added new checks
  • Added ability to set all items price to 1 silver
  • Added ability to set all items real name
  • Added ability to set all items read name with amount.It will add like Name (n),of course if amount is higher than 1
  • Added ability to set all items description
  • Added ability to set all items maximal amount from elements data
  • Changed elements data reading method.Now editor uses configs.Prefer not to change existing configs in directory with editor.
  • Now description in game view will appear in separate window
  • Changed Npc-sellers displaying method
  • Changed editing values in fields.Now if value isn't change,nothing will happen.For forcibly changing,press enter.
  • Fixed "Categories edit window".Now Drag&Drop won't appear immidiatly,need to hold mouse clicked for half second
  • Fixed Categories\subcategories names changing in "Categories Edit Window"
  • Fixed gshop converting for 1.3.6 to 1.4.4+
  • Fixed error with iconlist_ivtrm processing,now all icons will be displayed
  • Other changed and bug fixes
Version 2.1-2.15
  • Fixed a lot errors and finishes auto-update
  • Now after an update will appear separate window with informtion about it
  • Fixed some issues with sending emails with error
  • fixed error with saving 1.3.6 and 1.4.2 v27
  • Fixed error with reading surfaces.pck 1.5.5+
Version 2.16-2.17
  • Fixed "bug" with 9 category in gshop version 1.5.3 and higher.Now it's possible to add it,if doesn't exist
  • Changed pck reading method.Now it loads faster,also,now it's possible to open archives event client is running
  • Now when saving,if file was loaded,it will save in,not as it was before
  • Added ability to load gshop with drag&drop on window
  • Added ability to set custom timestamp
  • Some changes in interface
  • Fixed manu bugs
Version 2.2.1-2.3
  • Added ability to color style rows in grid to green(M)\pink(F) color,you can disable function in "extra" menu
  • There was added 3(Major type,sub type,gender) extra columns in items choosing window from in Fashion List,also ability to sort them with clicking on header
  • Other changes and bug fixes
First release
Last update
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