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Registration Script PERFECT WORLD

PW Script Registration Script PERFECT WORLD 1.2

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Hello, I created a new registration script for Perfect World... it's an excelent registration script.


  • Check in real time if E-mail and Username is already in use;
  • Check if the fields are correct;
  • Anti sql injection;
  • You can choose if the user must confirm registration in e-mail or not;
  • You can choose if the user will receive cubi-golds in registration and determine an amount;
  • The registration have a very cool visual;
  • Very strong CAPTCHA;
  • E-mail validator.
Update V1.1 11-06-2011:

  • Fixed some translation errors;
  • Added PIN (security code) wich can be used in change password scripts (the PIN will be saved in the "qq" field of the "users" table) PS: you must use the pendente_registro.sql again, otherwise, the e-mail confirmation won't work;
  • Security and bug fix: removed sql_regcase and added CASELESS on preg_replace in anti sql injection (filtrar());
Update V1.2 12/04/2012 (dd/mm/YY):

  • Changed CAPTCHA's visual;
  • Changed submit button's visual;
  • Fixed password format;
  • Fixed cubi-gold in registration;
  • Fixed possible errors at registration with e-mail confirmation;
  • Download link back online.
How to use:
There's a README.txt file in the .rar ... read it! xP

PS: Only the texts, alerts, informations was translated... the source code not.

If you have any questions, bugs, suggestions, please report to me here on the forum.


The password will be saved in the byte format. If you want to compare passwords in web apps, your must use the function fn_varbintohexsubstring of you PW's MySQL.

Check this:
Password Reversal

renan7899 by the script
Goodlookinguy by the help with Ajax and jQuery ;)
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