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sELedit is a free and simple application that offers you the possibility to modify the file in Perfect World and then save it using different configuration rules. The application is portable and installation on your system is not required. The program will not modify the system registry without your consent.

In addition, you can place sELedit on a removable USB drive and run it on any machine. The program allows you to load various versions of the objects by using a file browser. You can also export the elements to your hard drive with various rules.

sELedit lets you view detailed information about the selected elements, such as type, name and value. Elemnts can be easily deleted, replaced, cloned, or exported to a TXT file. In addition,the program integrates a powerful configuration editor and a reliable Search function.

  • The program integrates an efficient Search function.
  • The application is portable and does not modify the system registry.
Support read version: PW_1.1.6_v6 to PW_1.6.8_v291
Password for archive:
Special thanks to:
  • Ronny1982 for source code sELedit
  • Rey35 for keep update elements configs
  • Wrechid for this tools
Robson De Sousa
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