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    PW Tools Rody’s Angelica Editor RAE 2021.3.4

    Rody’s Angelica Editor (aka Elements Editor, RAE ) — is an advanced file editor for the games based on Angelica Engine (PW – Perfect World, FW – Forsaken World, JD – Jade Dynasty, ESO – Ether Saga Odyssey, HoTK (Chibi) – Heroes of Three Kingdom). All of editors support: multi-editing feature...
  2. hrace009

    PW Tools NPC Gen By Luka 1.5

    NPCGen data editor is use for editing NPC location, Monster location, resource location, dynamic object location. Feature: Open, edit, save, convert npcgen version10 and 11. Multiple editing. Load to get ID and Name NPC. Supported Version: 1.3.X -> 1.5.X. Load Surfaces.pck to show...


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