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  1. fuye28

    Help How to Edit Auto Broadcast & System message

    Misi agan gimana ya tutorial untuk edit Auto Broadcast & System message kek untuk yang dapet item tertentu diilangin / nambahin ??
  2. hrace009

    PW Script Convert MD5 Hex to MD5 Plain 1.0

    Convert MD5 Hex to MD5 Plain Convert your Perfect World database password from MD5 HexBin to Plain MD5 Usage Edit convert.php with your favorite editor. Find this line at the top of script, and replace with your own configuration. $servername = "DATABASE_HOST"; $username = "DATABASE_USER"...
  3. Mel

    PW Tools PW Cheat Sheet v0.1 0.1

    ┌───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │ │ │ PWI Cheat Sheet │ │ v0.1...
  4. YYY

    Common Discussion Perfect World 155 NOCAST ALL JOB

    Can you (GM) make VmWare IMAGE version 155 NOCAST All JOB? I realy need it :( :hrace009-fish-32::hrace009-fish-32::hrace009-fish-32:
  5. hrace009

    PW Tools PW Map Editor 1.2.2

    The best map editor for Perfect World. It allow you to edit map in 3D at client and export it to server. This tools easy to use. No need coding skill or 3D skill Credits: @Steve Langley Enjoy Password for archive:
  6. Robson De Sousa

    PW Tools sELedit++

    sELedit is a free and simple application that offers you the possibility to modify the file in Perfect World and then save it using different configuration rules. The application is portable and installation on your system is not required. The program will not modify the system...
  7. hrace009

    PW Tools Rody’s Angelica Editor RAE 2021.3.4

    Rody’s Angelica Editor (aka Elements Editor, RAE ) — is an advanced file editor for the games based on Angelica Engine (PW – Perfect World, FW – Forsaken World, JD – Jade Dynasty, ESO – Ether Saga Odyssey, HoTK (Chibi) – Heroes of Three Kingdom). All of editors support: multi-editing feature...
  8. hrace009

    Release Perfect World Private Server Installation Script

    This script use for install Perfect World Private Server to your VPS / local development. Installation Copy & Paste this script, and put at your root user directory and execute it. Usage ./ Contributing Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to...
  9. hrace009

    Tutorial Common Error(s) Guide

    Setup Errors: Wrong permissions of the server files [ 0755 ] GS Errors: A gshop item has a higher stack amount limit in The error should look similar to: ÅäÖÃÎļþ:'gs.conf' ÅäÖÃÔö²¹Îļþ:'gsalias.conf' ×°±¸ºó°ó¶¨¹¦ÄÜ´ò¿ª °Ù±¦¸óÖÐÎïÆ·27728(1¸ö)³¬¹ýÁ˶ѵþÉÏÏÞ0 ³õʼ»¯°Ù±¦¸óÊý¾Ýʧ°Ü...
  10. kisswdev

    PW Script Registration Script PERFECT WORLD 1.2

    Hello, I created a new registration script for Perfect World... it's an excelent registration script. Features: Check in real time if E-mail and Username is already in use; Check if the fields are correct; Anti sql injection; You can choose if the user must confirm registration in e-mail or...
  11. nemonics

    Help ./cpw install PROBLEM in CPW Auto Patcher

    1. In Navicat, I created a connection name "PWDEV155_PUBLIC" 2. I created a database name "cpw" 3. I created a user with username "cpw" and host is "localhost" and NO password. 4. I granted all privileges on [email protected] now, I tried ./cpw install but I am getting an error "Database error: SQL...
  12. anyfire

    Help i can't login because lower version on Client

    Server File pw 153 Cient 155 can't created file patch
  13. hrace009

    PW Tools GShop Editor By Luka 2.3.1

    Gshop Editor Use for editing Item Mall (Gshop) Feature: Support all gshop version from 1.3.x -> 1.5.5 Open, Save, Edit, Convert into all client version and server version. Bulk import item from Bulk edit, clone and delete items. Download and...
  14. hrace009

    PW Tools Perfect World Quick Login 1.0

    Perfect World Quick Login adalah sebuah aplikasi quick login yang dibuat oleh @letanduy. Berguna untuk dirrect login ke game client. Tools ini sangat berguna untuk para Game Master. Informasi dari pembuat: Tutorials: Server: Edit username and password mysql connection and upload index.php...
  15. hrace009

    PW Tools CPW Auto Patcher Perfect World Like Official 1.0

    CPW Auto Patcher, adalah tool untuk membuat sebuath patch otomatis pada game Perfect World layak nya seperti server Official (Resmi). CPW ini juga bisa di gunakan pada game selain Perfect World yang menggunakan angelica enggine. Tool ini berjalan di Linux yang sudah terinstall java jdk. Untuk...
  16. hrace009

    PW Client Perfect World Golden UI 1.5.3 for 1.5.1 1

    This file is original from 1.5.3 Perfect World International. I have fix some error and other thing that make client will crash, so in some future i keep it like old style to avoid client crash. For surface, i change directory so we can know what files need to change. You can use this UI for...
  17. hrace009

    PW Client Perfect World 155 156

    Game Info PWI is a stunning free-to-play MMORPG where inhabitants of the pristine Perfect World must unite to battle against the Wraith - undead creatures who seek to destroy all of creation. Amidst a realm of stunningly rich environments, players can fly freely through the skies, explore...
  18. hrace009

    PW Tools GS Editor Incast / Nocast 1.4.4, 1.4.6, 1.5.0, 1.5.1

    This tools make GS to ignore casting limitation like 136 nocast bug. So the skill casting will very fast like a hell. :eek: This is ideal for Full PVP Server!
  19. hrace009

    PW VM Image PW Offline 153 Basic VM Image 1.5.3

    Halo para mania Utak Atik PW Offline 153, Akhir nya berkat do’a kalian semua PW Offline 153 ini bisa saya publikasi dan segera kalian gunakan. Harap tetap di ingat, PW Offline 153 ini di buat dengan tujuan untuk penggunaan Development Perfect World Private Server saja, bukan untuk ke server...
  20. Shinzui

    Resource Perfect World Panel Wordpress Plugin

    Perfect World Panel Plugin for Wordpress This plugin can easy setup your registration page, change password page, reset password page, donate page (Via Bank Transfer) This Plugin have Account Management and Donate Management. Compability: Wordpress 4.X PHP 5.6 + ionCube Loader Perfect World...


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