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Tutorial Common Error(s) Guide


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Setup Errors:
  • Wrong permissions of the server files [ 0755 ]
GS Errors:
  1. A gshop item has a higher stack amount limit in
    The error should look similar to:
    ÅäÖÃÎļþ:'gs.conf' ÅäÖÃÔö²¹Îļþ:'gsalias.conf'
    To debug this error, complete the following steps:
    1. Open Notepad++
    2. Click File > New
    3. Paste the error
    4. Click Encoding > Character Sets > Chinese > GB2312 (Simplified)
    5. Copy all the text
    6. Paste into Google Translate
    7. Convert from Chinese to English
    The result should look like:
    Profiles: 'gs.conf' configuration addendum: 'gsalias.conf'
    Binds function opens
    Babolat Court items 27728 (a) exceeds the stacking limit 0
    Babolat Court failed to initialize data
    The first step initialization failed with error number: -31
    Meaning - Item number 27728 in does not have the same stack limit as it does in
  2. and include and item that is not
  3. and have different timestamps
  4. gshop has more than 2500 items
  5. An items price in gshop = 0
gFactiond Errors:
Wrong or missing libs
Meaning - Java is not installed, which is required to use pwAdmin/iWeb
Fix - Run the following command(s):
yum install -y java-1.6.0-openjdk
Client Errors:
  1. Server Network Error
    Meaning - Client is unable to connect to the server
    Possible Causes:
    • Auth table.xml doesn't have correct credentials
    • Auth has wrong Java path or libs
    • Missing hosts
  2. Client Version to Low
    Meaning - Client data files are not the same as the servers
    Possible Causes:
    • Wrong or (CLIENT)
    • Wrong or (SERVER)
    • and don't have the same time stamp as and
  3. Server Error 255
    Cause: Missing service name in hosts
If there are any error(s) that should be added, let me know what the error is along with the solution/causes.


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