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Help Could not log in to server?


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So Yesterday I can logged in into the server and enjoy the game. But today when I tried to logged in, there is a pop-up appeared and it says "Could not log in to server" (all servers are online n running in PW Admin settings).

What is going on n how could I fix this and able to log in again to the game?



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#tomcat7 restart
cd /home/user/Core/Wanmei2015/apache-tomcat-7.0.32/bin
No! It is not like that.
Well I solved it.
Someone on Facebook answered it and asked me to turn On any dungeon that I had visited just before I logged off yesterday.
I had to Started Den of Wolf and problem solved. He said that everytime I want to turn off my PC or quit the game, I need to wait few minutes until the server save all my progress, if not then it wont saved.


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SOLVED guys!

I just need to Start any map/dungeon I had visited before I quit the game.
So when I started the map (it was Den of Wolf) I was teleported/started inside the map and I am sure I was outside the map/dungeon before I quit the game.
But now I know that it takes few minutes for the machine to save our game. So never quit your VM or anything soon after you quit the game (just wait few minutes).


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