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Tutorial GS.CONF limit = variables v144+


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In addition to the ones from v136- (which are still applicable to v144+) from here :
ALLOW-ROOT - Allow map to be started and entered
NOFLY - Cannot fly
NOMOUNT - Cannot use mount
NO-BIND - Cannot embrace
NODUEL - Cannot duel
NOTHROW - Cannot discard items from inventory
CLEAR-AP - Empty chi bar and any sparks upon entering
GM-FREE - this mean GM cannot enter this Area. (Like Battle Field) 

USE-SAVE-POINT - During Log in, predetermined location for spawning
when used in conjunction with the following tag:
save_point = worldid,pos x,altitude,pos z

Get position for save_point data using pwAdmin or console- d_showpos. The following example would spawn you near the west gate of Ancient Dragon City if added to WORLD_GS01 section of GS.CONF:

limit = use-save-point;
save_point = 1,1196.4,219.76,1034.26


0 ( normal world )
14 ( can pk - name doesn't turn red, auto spawn after death )
17 ( "", "", receive seal upon re-spawn )
This is a list of command variables used in GS.CONF for the " limit = " tag (located in /PWServer/gamed/gs.conf) and what each one controls. Usable for each individual instance and world map area.

If you know for a sure fact what something does, please tell me and I will modify this and keep it as an easy to find list for all future reference.

Here are some that are new to v144+:
ANTI-CHEAT - Anti-cheat
LOWJUMP - Cannot use high jump
NO-MULTI-EXP - Cannot use hyper stones
NO-MARKET - Cannot establish player vending (cat shop)
COMMONDATA - ???????

HEIGHT-LIMIT - Set a maximum height limit (other than 800.0f)
when used in conjunction with the following tag:
height_limit = xxx.x (New height limit with no trailing f)

The following example would set the new height limit to 90.0 (or "elevation 9" in game)
limit = height-limit;
height_limit = 90.0

PROFIT-TIME - Make an "Earning control area" ~ "This area will deduct your earning time. Killing monsters in this area will deduct your earning time, and monster earning will be reduced." (instead of "normal area" - "This area will not deduct your earning time. Killing monster in this area will not deduct your earning time, and monster earning will not be reduced")



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