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Ubuntu Setup Your Own VPN Server


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Pritunl OpenVPN Client:

1. Update the software download lists: apt-get update
2. Upgrade the software on your server: apt-get upgrade
3. Download the OpenVPN auto-installer script: wget
4. Make sure the script has the right permissions: chmod 777
5. Run the OpenVPN installer script: bash

✔ Pros
- You can get new fresh IP addresses which may not be blocked
- Your connection speeds might be faster because you're the only one using the server
- If used correctly it can be cheaper, even free, in the long-run compared to VPN services

✖ Cons
- You don't have access to servers in as many different country locations
- Custom VPN clients often have more features and different VPN protocols
- Provides less privacy protection because you are the server owner, not the VPN company

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